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[ round IV prompt post - CLOSED ]

iconfest round IV: CLOSED
[ 17 April - 1 May 2011 ]

Please make sure you've read the RULES & GUIDLINES thoroughly before participating. If you have any questions or queries please direct them to the F.A.Q. post and do not post them here (this entry is purely for the prompts and icon responses). I have also included a (large) list of image galleries that you may find useful on the galleries page here.

[ ♦ ] the iconfest will close on Sunday, 1 May at midnight PST (or thereabouts).

[ ♦ ] all prompts should be made in a new comment following the guidelines.

[ ♦ ] you may make multiple prompts and have multiple responses to the same prompt.

[ ♦ ] all icon makers of all skills are welcome, the more the merrier!

[ ♦ ] prompts should follow the format listed in the rules, but generally the subject line of your prompt will include all the relevant information and be of the format:

        Fandom/Bandom/etc (character/subject), prompt word/phrase OR
        Fandom/Bandom/etc (character/subject) [supplied pic]

and if you are supplying the picture please use the words [supplied pic] so people know that you have a specific image which you have included in the body of the comment. You do have to include something in the comment itself (otherwise LJ won't let you post), if you don't have any additional information, just repost the subject line. I won't really be policing this too much - as long as it's clear from your subject line what you want and generally follows the above formula it should be fine (but again, if you're unsure, please ask in the faq post).

[ ♦ ] responses to prompts should have in their subject line 'Prompt filled'.

[ ♦ ] all icons are shareable, unless the maker specifies otherwise. If you want a non-shareable icon, please state this in your prompt and then it's up to the maker whether they wish to fill your prompt.

[ ♦ ] if you are unsure please see how other prompts are being made, check out the rules and guidelines and the faqs BEFORE making your request. You can also check out the prompt post from round 1 round I, round II, and round III for examples of how to post.

[ ♦ ] you're welcome to host your icons wherever, but try using sites that won't eat into bandwidth like imgur.com, or tinypic.com.

[ ♦ ] don't forget to thank the icon makers!

[ ♦ ] have fun!

So, what are you waiting for? Start your prompting!
The iconfest is now closed - thank you to everyone who participated!
You're more than welcome to continue filling prompts - however, they will not be counted in any round-up posts.

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