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[ round III - round up post ]

And here we go, the round up post I promised. Once again, thank you to everyone who took part (whether by making icons or by posting prompts). If you have any comments &/or suggestions I'd love to hear them, otherwise, until next time :)

These are kind of in alphabetical order. Please, please, please let me know if I missed you off the list (and I apologise in advance if I did). And thank you again!

absolutelybatty, aeslis, ancientwhispers, axelsonfire, attempt_unique, aquietmess, azuremonkey, beetle_breath, lalonde, blueleopard87, bitesizeapple, cazzblade, ciaimpala, cifan70, denija, devi09, dr_kittym, entwashian, emmz13, evangelin1202, fanged_angel, faded_facade, fisheye, fuuurs, fragiledelirium, florencia7, hsapiens, hellb0y42, heylalaa, hermette, hipokras, hovercarracer, hobbit_face, jacklemmon, julie_izumi, kasiopeia, klinche, lemonpunch, lipburst, incandescent, lover_of_narnia, littledivinity, marcasite, miatoscane, missadventure02, mancalahour, mzsparkles, mummy_daydream, mark_pierre, nastyakireeva, nikki4noo, ohcopernicus, opheliapunk, purpleworld8, rabbitlook, realproof, relaxjolene, januaried, sallyna_smile, spacemonkeyluvn, switch842, skillfulway, shadedcolor, stillamempty, sgmajorshipper, swivelchair, spud66cat, tardis_mafia, theriakx, teh_haley, tle_lovie69, talipuu, thesirenslure, visionsbeyond, vexena_sky, vowel, violateraindrop, word_never_said, wallflower18, willow_lives, winterlillies, wandering_foxy, wunderkind_lucy, xafirah, zarajade123


Total makers involved: 85
Created icons: 1,578

Posted prompts - 214
Posted responses - 582
Unfilled prompts - 9
Total pages posted - 9
Total comments received at time of closing - 1,422

Round dates: 23 January to 9 February 2011

These are mostly in alphabetical order - please let me know if any of these are in the wrong category or the links are broken.

- 10 Things I Hate About You: here
- 24: here
- A Game of Thrones: here
- Alias: here and here
- Batman (the Animated Series): here
- Battlestar Galactica: here
- Being Human: here, here, here, here
- The Big Bang Theory: here
- Bones: here
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer: here
- Castle: here, here and here
- Chaos: here
- Community: here, here, here, here and here
- CSI: here
- Dr Who: here, here, here, here, here and here
- Eureka: here
- Farscape: here and here
- Fringe: here, here and here
- Glee: here, here, here, here, here
- Haven: here
- How I Met Your Mother: here, here
- The IT Crowd: here and here
- Legend of the Seeker: here
- Leverage: here
- Liar Game: here
- Lost: here
- Misfits: here, here and here
- Mad Dogs: here
- Merlin: here, here, here, here and here
- My Princess: here, here and here
- Nikita: here
- Pushing Daisies: here
- Pretty Little Liars: here
- Primeval: here, here, here and here
- Psych: here
- Sanctuary: here
- Skins: here
- Special Victims Unit: here
- Spooks: here
- Smallville: here
- Stargate SG-1: here
- Secret Diary of a Call Girl: here, here and here
- Supernatural: here, here, here and here
- Star Trek: here
- Southland: here
- Torchwood: here
- That 70's Show: here
- White Collar: here, here
- V: here
- Veronica Mars: here, here
- The Vampire Diaries: here

- Casanova: here
- Downton Abbey: here, here and here
- Firestarter 2: here
- Little Dorrit: here
- North & South: here
- Persuasion: here
- The Pillars of the Earth: here
- Pride & Prejudice: here
- Tess of the D'Urbevilles: here
- Vlog Brothers: here

- AJ Cook: here
- Alex Pettifer: here
- Alexis Bledel: here
- Andrew Garfield: here
- Angie Harmon: here
- Anne Hathaway: here
- Anna Torv: here
- Benedict Cumberbatch: here, here, here
- Beth Riesgraf: here
- Billie Piper: here, here
- Chris Pine: here
- Colin Firth: here
- Colin Morgan: here
- Darren Criss: here and here
- David Tennant: here, here
- Dianna Agron: here and here
- Eva Green: here
- Evangeline Lilly: here
- Gordon Ramsay: here
- Gregory Itzin: here
- Hannah Burley: here
- Helena Bonham Carter: here
- Holly Marie Combs: here
- James Marsters: here
- Jared Padalecki: here
- Javier Bardem: here
- Jean Smart: here
- Jennifer Morrison: here
- Julia Stiles: here
- Julie Benz: here
- Kate Duchêne: here
- Katie McGrath: here
- Karen Gillan: here, here and here
- Katee Sackoff: here
- Kate Winslet: here
- Kelly Reilly: here
- Lea Michele: here
- Laura Linney: here
- Lydia Hearst: here
- Marion Cottillard: here
- Matt Bomer: here
- Matt Smith: here
- Melina Kanakaredes: here
- Mike Rowe: here
- Noel Fielding/Julian Barratt: here
- Penelope Cruz: here
- Richard Ayoade: here
- Rosamund Pike: here
- Steven Moffat: here
- Tom Welling: here
- Zoe Tapper: here

- Anja Rubik: here
- Jeisa Chiminazzo: here
- Natalia Vodianova: here and here
- Shu Pei: here

- The Air I Breathe: here
- Back to the Future: here
- Black Swan: here, here
- The Chronicles of Narnia: here and here
- The Constant Gardener: here
- The Cutting Edge: here
- Despicable Me: here
- Equilibrium: here
- From Dusk till Dawn: here
- Fantastic Mr. Fox: here
- Harry Potter: here
- How to Train Your Dragon: here
- Inglorious Bastards: here
- King Arthur: here
- The King's Speech: here
- Leon (The Professional): here
- Monsters Inc.: here
- Pride & Prejudice: here
- Robin Hood (2010): here
- State of Grace: here
- Tangled: here
- Toy Story (1, 2 and 3): here
- Two Weeks Notice: here
- UP!: here
- X-Men: here

- Bombay Bicycle Club: here
- Elvis Presley: here
- Heart: here
- Imogen Heap: here
- Josh Groban: here
- Ke$ha: here
- Kris Allen: here
- Laura Marling: here
- Mumford & Sons: here
- P!nk: here, here and here
- Paul: here
- The Pierces: here
- Robin Zander: here
- Sara Bareilles: here
- Tegan & Sarah: here

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (comics): here
- Carebears: here
- Cats: here
- Coffee: here
- Holga photography: here
- Music: here
- Star Wars (animated): here

Unfilled prompts:
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (comics): here
- Castle: here
- Charmed/Sanctuary (crossover): here
- Jennifer Lawrence: here
- Laughing (generic request): here
- One Tree Hill/Bourne Trilogy (crossover): here
- Shameless (US version): here
- Sherlock (BBC): here
- The West Wing: here

Rather than post created icons at the comm, here is a list of posted icons that the maker has made in their journal or community - alphabetical by lj user name. Please remember to comment and credit makers for any icons.

If you made icons for round 3 and have posted them to your journal/comm and would like to share, please just comment to this post with the link.

- dr_kittym (@ ourteaparty) - icons
- evangelin1202 (@ effulgentcolors) - here
- faded_facade (@ quiet_ingenue) - icons
- hobbit_face - icons
- hsapiens (@ isapiens) - icons
- kasiopeia (@ wakingnights) - icons
- relaxjolene - icons
- januaried - icons
- theriakx (@ realmofsilence) - here
- violateraindrop - icons
- visionsbeyond - icons
- wunderkind_lucy - icons

This time around I thought I'd post a directory list of all the icons produced rather than full icon lists (like in the past) - because it would save on bandwidth and use up less pages). Is this okay with everyone, or would you prefer a full round-up post of all the icons?

And if anyone has any specific ideas of when they'd like the next iconfest to start, just let me know. If you have a specific date in mind, just comment below :)

This poll is closed.

completed post - full icon display, or directory list?

a full icon post
just a directory list is fine
both please
ticky boxes!

the next iconfest should start ...

other (see my comment below)

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