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♣ any and all posts to do with the iconfest will remain open to this community and will not be friends!locked (this includes all round I and II posts made in my personal journal - so you will not need to friend/join either lemonpunch or ic0nfest to participate or view the icons later).
♣ it will be open to anyone regardless of whether they make icons or not.
♣ icon makers of all skill levels are welcome - the more the merrier.
♣ any and all work created can be cross-posted or posted wherever you like, as long as it is first be posted as a reply comment to the original prompt.
♣ all icons posted will be shareable to all people (unless the maker specifically requests otherwise), not just the person who posted the original prompt (remember, sharing is caring).
♣ if you use an icon, you must credit the icon maker.
♣ it is recommended that all icon posters should host their icons at sites like imgur.com, or tinypic.com (though this last site did cause problems during round II - so beware) in order to cut down on bandwidth - though of course it's up to the maker in question.
♣ after the iconfest has closed I will make a post that contains all the icons created for the fest (this will include a full credits list of the makers for each icon). If the icon is hosted privately I will try and re-upload the icon to another site to save on bandwidth for the maker.

How the prompts/responses will work:

♦ a participant will comment to the main prompt post (once a fest is open) with their prompt (in a specific format, see below) and anyone interested in creating the icon replies to that post with the icon and any details of how the maker would like to be credited.
♦ a prompt may be either a word/phrase or a specific picture.
♦ you may make multiple prompts as long as each prompt is made in a seperate comment.
♦ icon makers are encouraged to answer as many prompts as they want to (or have time for).
♦ you may fill a prompt that has already been filled (so there can be multiple icons made for the same prompt).
♦ all work should be new and created specifically for the iconfest.
♦ anonymous entries will not be allowed.
♦ any images NSFW (not safe for work - generally this refers to images with graphic situations depicted or nudity) must be clearly marked as such in the subject line of the prompt (see below) and any supplied images may only include the URL (so the image itself must not be displayed in the comment). This will be so people who do not wish to view such content are clearly warned and and can by-pass that prompt. Likewise, please make sure you use user-friendly icons in your comments.

The actual format of the prompts/how responses will work:

♠ to make the post easily searchable for people looking to fill the prompts the following information should be identified in the subject line:

    Fandom/Bandom/etc (character/subject), prompt word/phrase OR
    Fandom/Bandom/etc (character/subject) [supplied pic]

So, I might ask for prompts with the following subject lines:

    Generation Kill (whole group), sugar
    The Vampire Diaries (Stefan) [supplied pic]
    Stock (trees), red

If the supplied image is NSFW (and if you're unsure, veer on the side of caution) please indicate this in the subject line, i.e. Joe Bloggs [supplied pic] NSFW.

♠ The subjects can include fandoms, bandoms (bands/musicians etc), stock imagery, quote icons, and people.
♠ People can include models, singers and actors and actresses (either candid or photoshoot) or other personalities. So, for example, if I wanted an icon of Arthur from the TV show Merlin I would use the subject line Merlin (Arthur), despair or Merlin (Arthur) [pic supplied] depending on whether I had a picture or not. However, if I wanted a picture of Bradley James who plays Arthur I would use the subject line Bradley James, despair or Bradley James [pic supplied].
♠ by 'bandom' I just mean music groups, so Muse, The Beatles, etc.
♠ The subject of the comment can be left blank if you have detailed everything in the subject line or you can use the space to be more specific. If you have a picture you would also provide either a link to the image or the image itself (unless the image would be classified as NSFW and then only a link may be provided).
♠ Responses are then made as a reply to the comment with the subject line 'Prompt filled'. Your subject would include both the icon, the URL to the icon, and how you would like to be credited.

♦ If you're still unsure, please check out the faq post and have a look through the round I and round II posts.

♦ remember to have fun!
♦ comments and praise for the icons created are encouraged (and much appreciated).

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