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For those that have never participated before and are unsure how this how 'fest' thing works, this post serves as a place for any and all questions related to the iconfest. So if you are unsure how to post a prompt, what it is all about, are unsure if your picture qualifies as NSFW (not safe for work) or have a related question that you need answered, check out the questions below, and if it's not there, just comment with your question and I'll answer it as soon as I can.

Frequently asked questions:

Can anyone enter? Do I have to have friended/joined the journal?
Yes, anyone can enter and you do not have to have friended or joined ic0nfest to participate - it's recommended so you're aware of dates and new entries, but it's not required.

Can you have multiple responses to the same prompt?
Yes, there can be several icons made in response to a prompt. You can even answer the same prompt multiple times if you like.

Can I make multiple prompts?
Yes. There is no limit on how many prompts you make, the only requirement is that each prompt must be made in a new comment.

What if I want the icon to me made just for me?
Then please say so in your original prompt, then it's up to the maker if they want to make a non-shareable icon for you.

If I make an icon for a prompt can I post the icon in my own journal/community?
Absolutely! As long as the icon is first posted as a reply to the given prompt, where it goes after that is up to you. However you cannot post the icon in your journal and then provide a link to it as the response.

Can I answer a prompt with an icon that I have previously made?
No, all icons must be new and made specifically for the prompt it is answering.

What is bandom?
This is kind of like fandom, but applies (in this case) to anything involving bands or musicians. So pictures of The Beatles, Lady Gaga etc are all acceptable. You can see the fanhistory entry on bandom here.

Do I include the URL to my picture in the subject line?
No, please just include the words '[pic supplied] and the the image would be included in the body of the comment itself. The subject line is just for clearly displaying your subject matter and whether you have a keyword or a supplied picture for anyone browsing the page. You can read more on this in the rules/about post.

I understand that a post of all icons made for the iconfest will be made when the fest has concluded. Is it okay that I don't want the icons I made to be included in this post?
Yes, that's fine. Either make a note in your comment when you post your icon, PM me, or comment here with the icons, and I will exclude them from that post.

Is there a specific format that icons should be posted when replying to a prompt?
Not really, however it's always nice to include the icon and a URL for the icon, like so:


But this is up to you. I've included the code below if you're unsure how to do this.

Have a question that is not listed above? Just comment to this post with your question and I'll answer you asap :)

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