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I've stolen this wholesale from the previous two rounds - I'll check through the links later this week and make sure they're all still working and put them in a decent working order - but please let me know if you have any additions/sites you want to share etc in the meantime.

General screencap sites:

- Disparue (features: TV, Movies)
- In a Dream (features: TV, Movies, Music Videos)
- Striped Wall (features: TV, Movies)
- Home of the Nutty (features: TV, Movies)
- Leave me the White (features: HUUUGE collection of TV and Movie screencaps)
- Summerkin (marishna's caps) (features: TV, Movies)
- Daydreamin (features: TV, movies, music screencaps and celebrity images - actors and musicians/bands)
- Oxoniensis caps (features: mostly TV plus a few movies)
- swizzmizz (features: Movies, TV)
- Clickity Click (features: Movie, TV, Anime, Video games, music videos)
- rawr-caps (features: TV)
- ladymanson (features: TV, people, movies, music videos)
- screencaps (features: TV, Movie)
- screencap-paradise (features: TV)
- screencapheaven (features: Movie)
- hollywoodfanatic (features: TV, movie, people)
- magicalscreencaps (features: Disney)
- cap.tacular (features: TV, Movies)
- shootastic (TV, movies, people)
- cap-that (features: TV, Movies, Music)
- desert-sky (features: TV, Movies, Music)
- tvscreencaps (features: TV)
- fishsticktheatre (features: TV, Movies)
- time-enough (features: TV)
- Pretty As a Picture (features: TV, Movies, people)
- screenmusings (features: TV, Movies, Music Videos)
- Long Ago Captures (Period Drama Film/TV haven)
- Home of the Nutty (features: TV, movies)
- aithine.org (features: Hawaii 50, Sherlock and Peacemakers)
- Blu-ray screencaps (features: TV, movies - includes a few screencaps per movie/tv series)
- Hundland.org (as above, but does have a comprehensive selection of movies)

LJ screencap galleries:

- teh_caps
- cap_it
- dj_capslock (.zip files)
- rawr_caps (galleries and .zip files)
- je_vue (galleries)
- marishna's screencaps (movies and tvs, galleries and .zip files)
- princess_loser's screencaps (tv/movies, galleries and .zip files)
- screencaps by _jems_ (tv shows and movies - gallery links)
- lemonpunch's screencaps (mostly period dramas, .zip files only)
- Kill Color (huuuuuge screencap site for movies and tv shows, galleries and .zip files)

LJ image galleries:

- hires_hunks (high res images of male celebrities - members only)
- hires_hotties (high res images of female celebrities - members only)

General image galleries:

- Allstars Online - celebrity/tv/movie photo galleries
- Sweet & Talented - celebrity photoshoot site and movie/tv shows stills

Specific image galleries/screencap sites:

- Desiring Hayden (Hayden Christensen images)
- Kirsten Images (Kirsten Dunst images)
- Longbourn (Jane Austen-related screencaps)
- The Medusa Cascade (all things Dr Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures)

Remember, please do not direct link images from hosted sites. Please save the selected image to your hard drive and then host the file on a site like tinypic.com so we're not stealing bandwidth. You're more than welcome to go looking through sites like tumblr, but please make sure you're not taking someone's artwork.

Thanks to egotists, darlingbones and rainbyday for their help in compiling this list.

Please let me know if you have any additions/editions/corrections to the list :)

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